October 2, 2010

Cloth Diapers for a Working Mom: Day 2

First dirty wash: Last night we threw all the diapers, and the liner right into the wash. We ran a small load, with a small amt of detergent with the extra rinse cycle. All the poop was gone! Sadly, the prefold, showed a little staining, as did the gusset on the Thirsties wrap, and a small spot on the BumGenius. I ran those through again on a warm rinse. Still a little staining on the wrap and prefold. Threw everything in the dryer (except the cover, which I let air dry). After one dryer cycle,  the inserts and AIO were still damp, so I left them out to air dry overnight again, and again they needed another short cycle in the dryer. The AIO is still a little damp.

Yesterday evening, we used the wrap, a prefold, and a snappi and went out for dinner with a friend. We had an hour stop to make on the way, and again, we must've caught the little guy at a good time, because by the time we made the restaurant the cloth diaper combo was FULL. Again we couldn't reuse the cover, so we put a disposable on him.

For overnight, the Rumparooz insert was still damp, as I mentioned, so he was in a disposable. Again, M slept through the night (!), which means it wasn't cloth magic the previous night. But we are still happy.

This morning, after his regular post-breakfast poop, I put on the GrowVia. It only took him about 15 minutes to wet this one. It wasn't dripping wet, but it was wet, and he was fussy, so we changed him into a disposable as we waited for the AIO to finish drying. The cover was still spared (no poop though), which is a plus, since if we had an extra insert we could have just changed that part.

So far, I am not feeling overwhelming love for cloth diapers, but I do think that having more of them would make it better. I feel a little wasteful doing a whole laundry cycle for 4 diapers, and then having to keep switching back and forth from cloth to disposable. Also they don't seem to last quite as long as disposable (between changings) but to be fair, most mornings we go through 3 disposables in an hour, depending on how we time them with his digestive cycles. And disposables hold so much pee because of the chemicals in them, which is a bit of a bummer. Also, we haven't had any blowouts in them (but we haven't tested poop in all models yet, either).

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