May 4, 2012

Toddler Food - Mexican Recipe!

In case you need inspiration for your weekend market trip... recipes links are at the bottom!

I was just scrolling through some of the older recipe posts and getting re-inspired for my own grocery trip!

Seriously: try the granola bars. They are really easy, and I made half the batch chocolate chip (for myself! so addicting!) and the other half with raisins/dried cranberries/diced dried apricots for M.

shrimp and corn chowder, wedge of veggie quesadilla, apple slices
weelicious granola (with dried fruit instead of chocolate chips), granola
blueberries, carrots, cereal bar
fish'n'grits, steamed broccoli and carrots
Weeliciouis granola bar and yogurt
kiwi and cereal bar
cauliflower mac n cheese, steamed veggies, edamame, blackberries
tangelo slices, cereal bar
Weelicious granola, yogurt
shrimp and corn chowder, veggie quesadilla wedges, apple slices
yogurt and weelicous granola
strawberries, steamed carrots, turkey slice
Meatloaf cupcake (mashed potato 'icing'), steamed carrots, diced tomato, blackberries
tangelo slices, cereal bar
yogurt, weelicious granola

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