March 28, 2013

Easter Week Recipes

Our version of the Easter Egg Lunch Box!
The list is short this week for the holiday weekend. But I loved the two Easter-themed ideas below. The Easter Egg Lunch Box is SO easy, but such a cool idea!!

We still included a meatless dish and a fish dish!! :) And, as usual, leftovers went to school for the toddler's lunch as well as our own lunches!

Sweet Broiled Salmon (Yum - hubby was especially a fan). We served this with steamed broccoli and leftover brown rice and boiled beets (see below)

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs .we only did a few colors (blueberries for blue/purple, raspberries for pink, turmeric/yellow beets for yellow, and red cabbage for blue-green), but the toddler really liked helping with this. And we used the leftover berries and juice in a smoothie (seemed wasteful to toss it). We used the boiled beets as a side with our salmon dinner.
We made deviled eggs with these and served with multi-grain bread, and raw veggies (pepper strips, carrot sticks, celery - frozen peas for M). I thought this was going to be viewed as a cop-out dinner, but both of my guys gobbled it up and asked for seconds!!

our resulting naturally dyed eggs!
top row, down: blueberries, raspberries,
 red cabbage + baking soda (one un-dyed egg in this row)
, yellow beets + turmeric
Easter Egg Lunch Box - I used cubed cheese, blueberries, Annie's whole wheat bunnies, frozen peas, and a 'trail mix' of sunflower seeds/pepitas/dried cranberries. I served with some of the leftover deviled eggs from above.

Tacos - the usual recipe, a special request of my husband. We used ground bison meat, taco seasoning from Sprouts, as well as their guacamole seasoning. We added chopped tomatoes, spinach instead of lettuce, shredded Mexican cheese, and black beans, and both crispy shells and soft corn tortillas.


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