May 9, 2013

One Hot Mama Challenge, Month 1 Week 3

Week 3: No Comparison

Two pounds lost this month! Admittedly, I'd love to see faster progress, especially since I anticipate having even less time to work out in the coming weeks as I go back to work, but I need to celebrate me, right?! I am right on the edge of really wanting to compare myself to 'regular' people... those who are further past giving birth than I am (or those who have never given birth!). I was so supportive of friends who recently had babies, but were struggling (or coming to terms with) their post-baby weight, but now I was having to actually hear my own words. And it really is tough.

It is true: it took 9 months to put this weight on, I should expect to take 9 months for it to come off. And realistically, I expect to keep a few extra pounds around while I am breastfeeding (which I hope to be lucky enough to do for a while... tradeoff!). I love that at the end of this month is when Erin points out that I might notice a change in my fitness (I do!) and only now should I really start watching my measurements (ie. the scale!!). So: deep breath. It's ok. I am doing well.

I officially finished my 10-class Stroller Strides pass, which really have given me back my confidence in working out. I felt so uncoordinated - like a liar when I said I like working out and that I used to run and be a rower. But this last week, I feel like I am getting it back. So to stay motivated, I started using that free 'Couch to 5k' app I mentioned earlier... and I am actively searching for a race to run when I complete it!

Chugging along...

*** Question: Take some time to brag here - What ways are you awesome! What accomplishments/talents are you most proud of? ***

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