November 2, 2013

Stitch Fix: My First Fix

It finally arrived!! My first 'fix' from StitchFix!

I know, I know: this is a mommy blog, right? Well, it's specifically a working mommy blog and I am pretty sure this is exactly what every working mommy needs in her life! Anyone else out there totally run out of time to go shopping for herself? Or if you get the time you are too intimidated to try on things outside your comfort zone? Or 'true' size? After taking a year off from my 'regular' wardrobe to be pregnant (and then newly post-pregnant in the 4th trimester), I've rather lost touch with what's 'in style' and what might address this new body of mine. Enter StitchFix.
The concept is basically that someone else does all that work for you. And they even send you cards with little pictures to show you how to wear each piece! You fill out a questionnaire with info about your sizes, and preferences for style and even price range. Then you request a fix. You could opt to do this monthly, or as needed. You may want to try sooner rather than later, because the time to receive a fix has already increased from 4 weeks to 6 weeks! They send a box, you try everything on. Keep what you like. Send the rest back for free. They charge a $20 styling fee, but its applied towards anything you decide to keep. AND if you keep all 5 pieces you get an extra 25% off everything.
So now to the real question: What did I think?
Well, my husband and I are invited to a wedding in a couple weeks. The first we've been to in, literally, years, and it's at the same location we got married ourselves. Needless to say, I am overjoyed for a chance to dress up and be grownups AND relive my own wedding (and actually get to eat the food and drink the drinks!). And I want to look like my best possible self doing so!
I signed right up for the fix, and specifically requested some help on what to wear to this wedding.
The questionnaire seemed spot on, asking all the right questions, and even letting me choose between photos of outfits to indicate things I liked or didn't like.
My fix was scheduled to arrive on Halloween, and it did exactly that. Which meant I had to wait past taking the kids trick-or-treating and getting everything packed for school and work the next day before I could try it all on (but truth be told I snuck into the bathroom to open the box and sneak a peek at the style cards even before all that).

The box is wrapped up like a gift from a friend, with a personal note tucked in it. The note has a sheet of all the style cards for the entire box (and each piece has a card attached as well). See that cute pattern peeking out? I was already excited. This is not a pattern I would ever pick out myself, but seeing that someone else thought I was worthy of wearing it was exciting already!

So on with the pieces!

Piece #1: Minerva Geo Print Peplum Blouse
That cute pattern was still cute all the way out of the box. However the cut wasn't for me. The waist on this was just not in the right place for me. Higher or lower would be much better. Not to mention that it was SUPER snug on my upper arms (a bit of a bummer since this is a trouble spot for me). I had to get my husband to help me out of it :(
Verdict: RETURN

Piece #2:Crosby Floral & Dot Print Tie-Neck Blouse
I was really excited about this one. And I really wanted to keep it. Except, again it was too tight in the upper arms. There would be no reaching of any kind in this. And again I needed assistance being extracted. Boo.
Verdict: RETURN

Piece #3: Carrie Polka Dot Fit & Flare Dress
I loved the material on this dress, and the subtle print (sorry, its hard to see in this photo). But again, the waistline wasn't quite right. Or maybe it was more the darts that were there added width to an area I didn't want to be any wider?
This might've worked for the wedding, were it to fit better.. and if the pairing suggestions had a dressy suggestion with some warmer options? Perhaps piece #5 was hoping to go with this? I don't really thing so.
Verdict: RETURN

Piece #4: Aaliyah Velvet Zig-Zag Fit & Flare Dress
Eek. This thing was downright obscene in my opinion. Waaaay too short. And kind of cheap feeling, in a stretchy flock-patterned fabric. Just no.
Verdict: RETURN

Piece #5: Abrianna Longlsleeve Knit Cardigan

I have always wanted to love cardigans, but never seemed to get it quite right. This one fits the bill. It doesn't have pockets where I don't need them, or end too high or too low on me, and add interest or bulk where I don't need it, and its a high quality fabric. And it's a bold color, one that I would never otherwise have picked!! Not too bad even paired with my trick-or-treating skeleton shirt :)
Verdict: KEEP

Now the true test: Did I wear it the next day? No. But I really wanted to!! It was 'game day' Friday which means I HAVE to wear something orange and the red was not only rival colors, but would clash with anything orange... I think, right? It's hanging right at the edge of my closet for now - just waiting to be worn!! I decided to staple the style card to the tag that was safety-pinned to the garment, and loop it around my hanger for a quick at-a-glance for rushed work-day mornings!

The four other pieces going back are already in the the mail (you have 3 days to return what you don't want in a prepaid envelope). I just threw them in and sealed the top, and asked my husband to drop in a post office box near his work (it was too big to fit IN our tiny mailbox... especially because I forgot to squeeze out the air first... and I don't have a post office box near my office).

Admittedly, I am bummed that I didn't get something new and wonderful for this upcoming wedding. I really really wanted this to be my answer. (Taking suggestions on what to wear to an afternoon, outdoor, Fall wedding, please!!) However, I still turned right around and placed my feedback so my stylist could learn a little more what would work for me. I also updated my profile to include my favorite body feature - at my stylist's request.

Also, I forgot to mention that StitchFix offers a $25 referral credit, which really is genius marketing for them. If you want to use my link, please click here!

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