April 30, 2012

Balboa Island/Peninsula

The playground on the beach at Balboa Peninsula
After breakfast with some friends in Newport, and at their suggestion, we made an impromptu trip to Balboa Peninsula and Island. We hadn't packed anything special for the trip, just our usual water, snacks, diapers and change of clothes, which turned out to be all we needed anyway. We started at the island on our way back from our breakfast in Crystal Cove State Park, drove through the little downtown, and took the car ferry ($3) over to the peninsula (you don't have to take the ferry over, but we didn't know this. Plus it was kinda fun).

We made our way over to the pier to park our car. Right smack on the beach is a great playground with slides and swings and a neat rope climbing structure next to bathrooms and beach showers. You can watch waves crash from there, or walk down the dune and dip your toes. Hubby and I took turns basking in the sun and splashing in the surf with our son. He couldn't get enough of the freezing water, and we eventually had him down to his shirt and diaper (who needs a swimsuit if you aren't swimming?) He also had a good time playing in the beach showers as he watched the boogie-boarders do so in awe. We had a snack in the sand (including some of said sand) and then took a stroll down the beach and then back through downtown, peeking into the multi-million dollar homes. Does anyone know the open container rules at the beach? There seem to be several places where you could procure an adult beverage...
enjoying a turkey corn dog at the original Ruby's on the pier
 (Ruby's shows the calories for each menu item,
and this was surprisingly one of the better options!
The kids' double chocolate milkshake I ordered was not...)
Then we ended our trip with lunch at Ruby's at the end of the pier. While we waited for our food, M pushed his stroller around the boardwalk and watched the folks fishing. If we only could have found a good place for nap time, we could have easily spent all day here having simple fun in the sun! Though as it was, our little guy sacked out in the car and we all had a good nap when we got home. Something about sun and salt air induces sleep!

taking the car ferry over for $3
watching the waves and the boogie boarders with Daddy
climbing back up the dune
we took turns wading with him in the surf.
 He LOVE the chilly water and sea foam  at his feet!
pushing his stroller around the pier

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