April 15, 2012

More Toddler Lunches

I apologize for the scarcity of posts lately, as we have been moving and traveling the past couple weeks. But for the few lunches I have packed for my little one, here are some highlights!!

Veggie pasta, orange sections, hard boiled egg (Easter leftovers!!), blueberries;
cereal bar, kiwi
yogurt, Gerber's toddler banana cookies (an Easter basket gift from his Gigi)
The toddler version of tonight's dinner: A summer salad with chicken, almonds, strawberries, goat cheese, homemade apricot-Dijon dressing, and (canned) green beans instead of lettuce!
Admittedly, the goat cheese didn't go over all that well (you should have seen the face he made!!) but it was worth the try. Everything else I was very confident he would enjoy.
look familiar? more veggie pasta, orange sections, hard boiled egg, blueberries
strawberries, yogurt
cereal bar
Sausage and rice, blueberries, (multi-colored) heirloom cherry tomatoes, yogurt-covered pretzel
steamed carrots (funny looking because they are made from REAL carrots, pulled right from the ground!), yogurt
cereal bar, kiwi
the packed-lunch version of the summer salad:
strawberries, almonds, rotisserie chicken, (canned) green beans, Annie's Snack Mix
steamed carrots, raisins (from his Easter eggs!)
cereal bar, yogurt

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