April 25, 2012

Kid Friendly Chick-fil-A

say what?!?!
Way to go Chick fil A: your kids' meal now offers *grilled* nuggets, a fancy squeeze pouch of all natural applesauce, 2% milk (which our pediatrician recommends), AND a mini board book (instead of the regular toy for kids under 3). And a place mat that sticks to the table. And you have the indoor play area.
AND: At our location offers a great Tuesday evening deal: buy one adult combo, get one kids' meal free! Each week they offer a different theme to the evening. Check your local store for their date!

I have to say, I am also looking forward to M being old enough to climb the play structure by himself. I will be going here for some mommy time to drink a cup of coffee or enjoy an ice cream cone while I read.
the truck is ours, but I was thrilled with the other contents of the kids meal!!

(This opinion is entirely my own, I have not received any payment or product from Chick fil A... besides the free kids' meal that everyone gets on Tuesdays with the purchase of their adult meal!)

the parts he can play with for now.

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