June 30, 2012

Fun in the Sun: Lather up!

putting a little on his ear...
Summer is here, and in full swing! And sunscreen is a must - especially here in sunny Southern California!

Here are a few of our tricks for getting sun screen on our Little One as painlessly as possible:

1) Let him help rub it in. Or put some on his finger and let him decide where to put it. Arm? foot? YOUR arm? It's always fun to put some on Mommy...

2) Let him hold the face stick, or even put some on, while we apply lotion on his body. Its a good opportunity to learn body parts, too: "Can you put some on your nose? ...how about your cheek? ...forehead?" Sure, some ends up in his hair, but we use that for a learning opportunity, and giggle at our 'mistake'!

"Top On!"
3) We put this on after breakfast, while he's still strapped in his seat. As the days got sunnier, and I realized he was spending so much time outside at school, we inserted this step after eating and before putting his shoes and socks on (which we also do while he's strapped into his seat, before he can get away... and then offer a chance to potty before we head to school...). After we apply the stick sunscreen to his face, he gets to help put the top on and feels a sense of accomplishment with the 'click'.

4) Do it every day. Toddlers thrive on routines, so building this in every day helps TONS! You will both figure out what works best (a special toy, or drinking milk, etc.), and expect it at the same time. And then do it again after lunch!

What are your tricks and tips?

What are you favorite sunscreens?!

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