June 15, 2012

Lunches: more single mom time!

I was a single mom for several days this week, so in preparation I made a big batch of the toddler pasta and therefore M had a fairly repetitive lunch this week...

toddler pasta (topped with Parmesan - I was feeling fancy!), rotisserie chicken, strawberries
steamed baby carrots, yogurt
diced mango, whole grain blueberry muffin (Real Simple)
toddler pasta, blueberries, rotisserie chicken
steamed carrots, yogurt,
whole grain muffin, strawberries
Chicken and Black bean Enchiladas (the toddler version skips the enchilada sauce, which is quite spicy, and tops with mild salsa instead), steamed cauliflower, yellow pepper, zucchini
pasta, kiwi, steamed carrots
yogurt, whole grain muffin

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