February 8, 2012

Citrus Ranch Park

Citrus Ranch Park in Tustin, CA
What a cute lemon-themed park. There are two play structures: one massive one for big kids, and one smaller one for toddlers. Both are surrounded by sand. The park also has a swingset. And probably the coolest theme are the walking trails through the lemon grove right on site. Over 900 lemon trees in rows on a hill, with a gazebo on top. This lookout point names two peaks you can see in either direction.

The park also ties into horse trails and sidewalks.

We had a great time test-driving all the slides and things to climb on!

It looks like a great place to have a birthday party, with the covered picnic tables, grills, and lots of open concrete space. There was even a yoga class meeting there on the weekday we visited.

The park does have some odd stainless steel commodes in the bathrooms, but its nice to have bathrooms.

This is definitely a favorite park!!

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