February 22, 2012

Pioneer Park

Covered wagons!

We drove by Pioneer Park in Tustin before we officially moved and were just waiting for an opportunity to take M for a closer look. So to get some zoomies out before our weekly trek to the grocery store, we picked up some coffee and visited. The park has a western theme, with 3 covered wagon structures to climb on, wilderness animals decorating the slides, and a log cabin picnic shelter. The park also has a half-court basketball hoop next to a green space on a hill and swings (both infant and big kids). And it is tied into bike and horse paths. And for the warmer months, there's a spray ground!!

The wagons were a little advanced for M to climb on himself, though he giggled and giggled while running around in them. The slide structure was more his speed and he had a great time climbing to the top (with some spotting) and sliding down the giant tube slide. He also had fun shooting hoops with Dad and climbing up the grassy hill. He didn't want to leave.


We were at the park during typical church hours on Sunday morning, and even though the park backs up to the Salvation Army church, the place was empty, except for a few folks passing through walking their dogs (M was excited about this, too.)

This would be a great park to bring/ride your bikes to, go for a family ride, and then let the little hitchhikers stretch their legs.
slides and tunnels and climbing things
the sprayground in inaction... since its  not the season

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