February 5, 2012

We're back!!!!

... and we're back!!

Since my last post on Black Friday, our family has had some big changes! My husband and are are still working full time outside the home, full time cloth diapering, and our family still consists of us + one toddler + the dog, but now all of us are doing our thing on the West Coast. So as you might imagine, things have been pretty busy since then.

This has been a really great adventure thus far, and has presented lots of family-related challenges, which in turn have provided lots of inspiration for this blog.

For instance, we have challenged ourselves to really get to know our new surroundings and take advantage of our move by pledging 100 Weeks of Fun in California. So far, we have shared a few of our finds with our friends and family, but I am anxious to share them here as well. I have been so fortunate to uncover some great resources for local activities, so I can't wait to pay them forward.

Another new family challenge has been meal planning. M is in a new daycare where we pack his lunch and snacks every day. I admit, having a healthy lunch provided everyday at our last daycare really spoiled us, but I am embracing this challenge to really make some good decisions for our entire family. Also our new jobs and commutes and shared household duties have shifted our dinner schedules some, too, so we are being flexible coming up with ideas for healthy, balanced evening meals as well. I'd love to share the things we come up with for food, because I will welcome any suggestions from you, too!

Also, I'll be sure to mention in the near future how we overcame 3 time zones, and what new struggles with sleep we are all experiencing!!

Finally, I have so many friends that are expecting to become families for the first time, or expanding their families, and I get a lot of questions. I know how many of us all struggle with the same things, so, to make us all feel 'normal' and maybe help each other out - let's share them here!!


  1. Love this... definitely want to know about healthy food ideas.. I am also going to ask my friend Julie who's baby is ~20 months old for good spots in the OC!

    1. Thanks! She has already suggested a few, so I'll be sure to post here how we like them!