February 29, 2012

Peters Canyon: Lake View Trail

This weekend we found a new, nearby hike at Peters Canyon, in Tustin. The signature hike is a 4.5 mile loop that connects the  Lake View Trail, Cactus Point Trail, East Ridge Trail, and Scout Hill Trail, Creek Trail and Peters Canyon Trail. We did the two-mile Lake View Trail only :). We found the details on this hike from Brian and Ashley's Hiking Blog, who's pictures look more lush than mine, so it might be nice to head back there another time. Even still it, with all the concrete and commercial stuff in Orange its hard to believe that so quickly you are in such a vast swath of nature.
As with most things, you might consider hitting this park up early. We didn't, and arrived around 9:30 or so to a packed parking lot. We had to make two laps, but finally found a spot. It seemed like there was good turnover. I'll note also, that it costs $3 to park here (credit card option available), but we could park for free with our OC Parks annual pass. This appears like a popular place for groups to meet up and walk together with their dogs, kids, or fitness pals, as we saw them accumulating in the parking lot, but also lots of company on the trail. We heard some woodpeckers in the distance, and saw a few other birds and lizards, but I would say wildlife was scarce. Dogs are welcome on this trail, and ours was grateful to get out!

We walked with M in the carrier for about a mile (a couple of pretty steep hills included) and then let him down to walk about 20 feet, and then picked him back up and finished the loop. Nevertheless, the little guy was worn out and fell asleep on the way to the grocery store, and stayed asleep while I carried him around (I should have brought the carrier in with me, since my back hurt for days afterward!), and then we picked up some Bruxie on the way home!

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