March 30, 2012

Back up! ... save energy and be safe

these are not our cars... but this is tandem parking: yuck.
I will thank my husband for sharing the article below. Today marks the first day of our last weekend living in our apartment, and I will not be sad for one single second about no longer having to 'tandem park' in the basement deck. On a daily basis I spend about as long trying to back my car into our designated spot as I did actually driving home (sure, it was just over a mile from work, but still...). Even after doing the same thing every day for over two months, I still second-guessed if I was too close to a column, and would pull out and start over, a light sweat forming on my brow. And if M was with me, this would be about the time he would start to whine, only adding to my anxiety. And did I already say that 'tandem' means we have to park one car in front of the other? And should the rear car need to leave first, they must first move the front car, pull out, and replace the front car (I will say that I NEVER had to do this, as my husband was kind enough to figure this part out for me).

I open with all this grief, to leave you with an article (Backing into Green) about why backing in is a good thing, and why I will consider continuing to back in in the future (now that I can, from all my practice).

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