March 21, 2012

Snow in Wrightwood, CA!

Since we moved to CA we have expressed an interest in seeing snow. Back in NC we would expect to see a couple of inches 1-3 times per year, and now that M is the age to really play in it, we didn't want to deprive him (ourselves?) of the experience. When you say "snow" around here, people instantly start jabbering about Big Bear, which I am sure is great for skiing and other winter sports, but this time of year requires snow chains on you tires, has a long windy road to get you there implying you should stay a while once you arrive, and reservations are already booked up. So I had asked all the parents I'd met at work to suggest a kid-friendly snow place, since we didn't plan on skiing, just making snow angels or something. Twice, Wrightwood came up, so we planned on this weekend. We were starting to worry that we'd missed the snow season, but then this cold, rainy weekend came up, and Wrightwood got 12-15 inches of snow Saturday night, and kept on Snowing into Sunday.

Luckily for us, this meant that the roads were still pretty open (meaning we didnt' need chains... because we don't - yet- own them, nor do we know how to put them on...)  but there was plenty of snow for us to play in, and it was actually falling, too!

When I googled Wrightwood, I got a link to the Mt. Hardware store (not to be confused with Mountain Hardwear, the gear/clothing company...), which looked like a great place to start: we could get a sled and any other winter essentials we found we needed, but also some advice on where to get the most appropriate snow. They suggested the city's Elementary School, about a block down the road: Perfect. The whole playground was covered in snow, which made the familiar that much more snow-seasoned for Mason.

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