March 20, 2012

Washing Cloth Diapers - Water Hardness

So, I found more clues in the investigation of cleaning cloth diapers. Thank you to Padded Tush Stats for raising my awareness on this issue. Who knew it could make such a big impact on how you need to wash your diapers. Did you just move to another town? Across the country? Then you might need to re-evaluate your washing plan...

If you want to know where you stand, google "water quality [insert your city and state here]". Hunt for the annual water quality report, and then hunt some more where hardness is referenced.

Then check out this wikipedia article: to translate the numbers to a category of hardness.

The Stats:
In Durham our water was considered 'soft' as it measured in at under 60 mg/L. Here in Orange we now have very 'very hard' water measuring in at ~300 mg/L!! No wonder we needed to change our routine!!

Consider Padded Tush Stat's article on making your own detergent based on your water type. Also consider checking them out for all the great diaper reviews and 'stats' on cloth diaper related questions!!

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