March 6, 2012

Overnight Diaper Suggestion?

So... the dog ate one of our nighttime diapers...

This has never happened before, but usually we don't leave diapers where she might be tempted either. I was a single mom last night and as I folded toddler clothes and stacked clean diapers after bedtime, I left them outside M's bedroom door, so as not to wake him. And left them there. Our mornings generally have a good routine, but the last 5 minutes usually go haywire. I will have our bags and lunchboxes on my arm ready to go and I'll see M dumping out a box of blocks across the room, or I'll have forgotten my badge, or my shoes...

Needless to say, I forgot to put the aforementioned clothes and diapers IN the bedroom, and found one dissected on the living room floor upon arriving home.

So now we need a new one to keep our rotation full, and could you really find a better excuse to buy a new diaper? So which one should I get for overnight? We have tried Rump-a-rooz so far - what's next?

We do have a pretty heavy wetter, but we also have some extra bamboo inserts that I am willing to add to anything if we need to!

Also, given the dog's preferences, I will take this dog event as a hint that I need to start research stripping diapers...

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