March 16, 2012

Toddler Food this week: chili

This was a Leftovers for Lunch kind of week!

Earlier this week, I told you about the super easy and yummy Cheers! Pizza!
our Cheers! Pizza! leftovers!

 The next win was veggie-packed Three Bean Chili (we add a half pound of cooked ground beef to the recipe). Don't be afraid of the jalapenos - make sure you take out all the seeds, but the peanut butter and cocoa cancel out the heat, leaving the flavor. The cooler weekend approaching put me in a mood for the chili, plus our recipe makes many servings so its definitely a time saver during the week. And surprisingly it went over well with the toddler. We threw in a handful of cooked whole wheat macaroni and topped with cheese. We even shared our cornbread, biscuits and tortilla chips with him (See, even leftovers can be versatile, just pair with a different carb each night!).

chili... mmmm!

So our lunches this week included our leftover chili three times much like this one...

3 Bean Chili + whole wheat macaroni + cheddar, strawberry slices, mini slice of cornbread; blueberry yogurt, steamed broccoli + cauliflower; cereal bar + applesauce

Our third meal of the week was peanut-coconut Chicken on a Stick (again, thank you I will say, I am thankful I did not skip the soak-the-skewers step because my gas stove tried very hard to set them on fire. We also made the Zucchini Coins as a side. They did not go over as well, so I think next time I'll use breadcrumbs instead of panko, as I think the texture was a bit much for the little one. I, however loved them! M took some leftovers in his lunch one day this week.

I also 'invented' a new snack: Toddler Trail Mix, which contains Cheerios, Moms Best Honey Grahams, raisins, dried cranberries, and quartered dried apricots - but obviously can contain any combination of things your kiddo likes to eat!
Shredded Chicken on a Stick, mango and blueberries, quartered zucchini coins, halved cherry tomatoes, mini slice of cornbread; toddler trail mix; strawberry yogurt + cereal bar

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