March 16, 2012

Boysen Park

We had a weekend packed with house hunting as we look for a good rental home (way more difficult than I had anticipated). So between visits and errands, we found time to get some sunshine, get some energy out, and visit some parks. One of which was right under our noses! Less than a mile from our current apartment, but in a direction we rarely go, hubby remembered this as it was nearing dinnertime, but we needed a break. This is Boysen Park, named after Rudolph Boysen who invented the Boysenberry (which later came to make Mr. Knott and his berry farm so famous) and was also a parks superintendent here in Anaheim.

the big kid structure - really tall!
seeing the big and little space shuttles
The park is really cool, especially for a little boy who loves airplanes. In fact, we had to hear "Air-pane! Air-pane!" all the way from the parking lot, across the large grassy field to the playground. There is, in fact, a retired airplane that has been cemented into place in a mulch bed. Kids can climb on the wings and into the cockpit. In addition to the plane, there is a spaceship structure with climbing walls and ropes, and a big twisty slide. There is also a smaller version for smaller kids, complete with three steering wheels. 
I will say, that this park was also crowded on a Saturday afternoon. I think there were several family events going on, and there were even a few suspicious gentlemen playing with the tiniest dice I have ever seen. However, it was still daylight, and we could easily see our car and we felt totally safe.

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