March 14, 2012

Ruby's Diner

a choo-choo speeding by!
Ruby's Diner is a Southern California chain (though there are locations across the country), with an 1940's diner feel, waitress uniforms and all. We have been meaning to try out a Ruby's location for a while and decided to go for it one sleepy Friday evening when no one felt like cooking. We weren't sure exactly what to expect, except that Ruby's is a diner... so probably good hamburgers? I was pleasantly surprised when the waitress's opening sentence was, "Can I start you with a milkshake?"

Our nearest location's theme was a train station (Orange, CA). We usually like to sit outside at dinner (given the kid's table manners and great SoCal weather), which turned out to be a front row seat for the choo-choos (and also where all the other families with young kids chose to be, so we felt right at home)!  We saw about 5 trains go by during our meal, both passenger and freight. Some seemed to scare M, but others he was thoroughly excited about. Each location has a local theme (including WWII aircraft, and surfing) so we will have to try them all in our travels!

enjoying a cereal bar appetizer
The food was yummy (hubby and I both enjoyed our burgers), and I was surprised that they even have many options for lower calorie or low carb fare (to offset the milkshakes, of course). I even felt good about sharing some of my sweet potato fries with M, and he happily ate his chicken-finger-and-apple-slices kids' meal, too!

Definitely a thumbs up for a family meal here.

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