March 12, 2012

My Fun List

taking the lead from PaperCoterie and piggy-backing on some of her items...

going to kids museums with my kid (because I am secretly jealous of such a cool place geared just for him... and like to pretend, too)
reading snuggled up somewhere
snuggling with my guys (either or both)
reading bed time stories
taking a few minutes by myself enjoying coffee on a gray day
enjoying coffee with a friend and catching up
a pedicure!
tapas and wine with my husband
evenings with food and beer and wine with my friends at our favorite bar - i miss them!
wine tasting afternoons
taking in the sights on hike
a solid early morning quiet run
planning something
making lists (like this one!)
crossing things off my lists when i complete them
catchign up with my friends virtually... on a chat or via their precious family blogs
walking on the beach
at the beach, sweating, with a cold drink, listening to someone with a guitar
looking at hubby and smiling knowingly when our little one does something adorable
getting our finances in order for the month (weird? maybe)
packing the perfect lunch
wearing a great dress
being outside on 75 degree days
walking to my next errand
watching my parents with my son
looking at a full drawer of folded, clean cloth diapers

.. and this is just my first 5 minutes of brainstorming...

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